About Us

Heroes Entertainment Inc. is an interactive gaming company that specializes in the development of live and online medieval adventures for both adults and children. Leading the future of interactive game development, HEROES Entertainment Inc. is committed to providing clients with memorable game play and endless adventures. Our mission is to offer clients a safe, inventive and fun online and offline heroic experience where we create a new generation of HEROES for humanity.

Heroes Entertainment Inc.s live division has been hosting medieval murder-mystery, role-playing single day, weekend and week long events for over 24 years at their off-site locations located around the greater Toronto, Ontario, areas. Participants adopt identities, engage in quests and interact with a cast of heroic and villainous medieval characters over the course of the event. This relatively new entertainment medium, dubbed live action role playing is a unique and different alternative for families and individuals who are looking for adventure in the outdoors. We have been featured in media outlets such as the National Post, Toronto Star, television spots on Space Station, Asian TV and other various radio stations.

Another division of Heroes Entertainment Inc. is the traveling medieval adventure exhibition called the Kingdom of Heroes. This fun and interactive adventure-filled fantasy playground gives both adults and children a taste of medieval heroics. Participants engage in scripted mini-adventures, each guided by an actor dressed up as a knight. Their journey will take them though the onsite castle and also different dungeon mazes. Their objective is to retrieve relics located within the kingdom while fighting off villains encountered along the way. At the end of their quest, participants will turn in their loot for a prize or upload them into the Universal Story World, where they can continue their adventure later from home.

Heroes Entertainment is currently in a large scale development phase, stay tuned for the many other exciting gaming pieces coming in the near future!

Business contact:

Ken Knudsen